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rhododendron cultivation substrate

Specification: Non - compressed capacity 50L±2L

Basic technical parameters


organic matter≥45%

ph value is 5.5-6.5


scope of application:

Rhododendron pulchrum, rhododendron hort, rhododendron simsii planch and other rhododendron cultivation.

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Product features

1.Scientific mixing rate, have good air permeability to faciliate root growth,porous structure advances the stretch out of root group of rhododendron seedling.

2.alkalinity acidity weak acid,rich in organic matter, the appropriate fertilizer have been added to meet the requirement of growth of rhododendron, benefit for the nutrient management of cultivation.

3.The substrates have no harmful pathogenic bacteria, eggs, weed seed,  so it is clean and environmental protection.

4.Medium texture, direct use, convenient and efficient.