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tree seedling substrate

Specification: Non - compressed capacity 50L±2L

Basic technical parameters


organic matter≥45%

ph value is 5.5-6.5

moisture 40%

scope of application

Suitable for green and sowing of afforestation species, transplanting of  tissue culture seedling or cutting seedling, such as fir, pinus massoniana, camphor tree,  phoebe bournei, camellia,photinia fraseri etc.

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Product features

1.Substrates have good physical structure, loose and breathable, fertilizer and water conservation to provide good environment for roots. Then, the all roots are strong, and have strong packing force. Besides, the roots won’t hurt when transplanting. Then the speed of restoration is quick.

2.moderate acidity, rich in Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium and various trace elements that are needed for the growth of plants, nutrition balanced, scientific mixing rate to reduce the amount of fertilizer, and facilitate management.

3.The substrate is rich in organic matter to provide abundant nutrition for fungus and other probiotic microorganisms. In the meantime, substrate can produce abundant a variety of enzymes and hormones to advance roots growth and improve the   resistance of container seedling.

The roots and substrate are intertwined to form root ball and keep the long-distance transportation.The short restoration stage after transplanting can improve the survival rate obviously.

No harmful pathogenic bacteria, eggs and weed seed, not pullute environment.