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Q: coconut fiber (coconut bran) series of products have what, where can download information?

Answer: six major series: coconut bran brick series (5kg coconut husk brick (high quality), 5kg coconut palm (Pu Tongzhuan), 650g coconut palm, coconut shell series (500g coconut shell, coconut shell 20kg), coconut, coconut, coconut powder.

Q: what is the base of raw materials products provided?

Answer: imported goods, perlite, vermiculite, peat's domestic peat

Question: Jiang Ping coconut bran brick / powder how wholesale / how much from the batch?

Answer: 1, 5kg cocopeat brick 1.25 tons / tray, the whole batch order;
2, 650g coconut brick 50 / bag, 44 bags / drag the whole batch order;
3, Vietnam coconut powder pack: 1000 pack / ark, the whole cabinet orders.
Details: mall

Q: how do family garden series products wholesale / how much?

Answer: 1, soil nutrition series: 6L/ bag, 6 bag / box, 20 box set;
2, 650g cocopeat brick (fine): 24 / box, 20 box set;
3, 5kg cocopeat brick (fine): 100 / 1 tray, drag from the set;

Question: Jiang Ping enterprises have what to buy channels?

Answer: 1, Alibaba:
2, Taobao:
3, micro channel Mall: micro channel public number Jiang Ping biological matrix"

Q: how can I find the city whether there is a dealer?

Answer: distributor distribution map

Question: Jiang Ping Enterprise line, the family of the Ministry of investment in the business conta

Answer: Line Investment: Huang Zhixiong 13960138358 email:
Southern area: Lin Wenliang 13950117838 email:
Zhangzhou area: Zhang Zeqiang 15980961202 email:
Home gardening: Lin Songyong 15980995985 email:

Q: what is the \"EC\" of the coconut chaff, how much is the EC?

Answer: EC is the abbreviation of Conductivity Electrical (conductivity) in English. The EC of coconut husk is mainly derived from the natural sodium chloride in the coconut shell. The higher the EC, the higher the salt content is, the more unfavorable to the growth of plants.

Q: how to detect the \"EC\"?

Answer: the international general method is to expand the 1 volume of the coconut chaff, into the pure water of 1.5 volume, full mixing, using EC test pen to remove the solution of the coconut bran test.

Q: what is the coconut chaff pH\",

Answer: pH is an indicator reaction matrix pH range from 0-14, the lower the value significantly more acidity, the value, the higher the more significant alkaline and reaches a value of 7 significant neutral. Generally the most conducive to the growth of plants in the pH between 5.5-6.5, which is the standard of the river to the coconut palm. PH testing is generally used pH test paper or pen.

Question: Jiang Ping enterprise qualification, where can I see?

Answer: honor display, business license

Q: Jiang Ping enterprise products have what kind of successful cooperation case?

A: see the case of the plate

Q: Jiang Ping enterprises in the delivery of the time to provide the convenience services?

Answer: professional logistics to help find cooperation logistics, mainly working with Moriteru logistics, logistics and shipping, Kakichi express company. Logistics contact: 0592-6019177-810.

Question: Jiang Ping enterprise technical services guide how to charge?

Answer: one to plant, the use of the guide, by a professor of agriculture at the Xiamen University, Fujian Provincial Academy of agricultural sciences provide backing for Jiang Ping biological technology sector organizations, full free guidance. Technical department contact: 0592-6019177-821;

Question: how to get the latest news from the river Ping enterprises?

Answer: micro channel public number: Jiang Ping biological matrix"
Enterprise micro Bo: "Jiang Ping Enterprise"
Official website: