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Jiang Ping Green - Top Brand of Ecological Substrate
Xiamen JiangPing  in August 2003 set up now for the high-tech enterprises in Xiamen City, Fujian Province of flowers Association governing units, unit of vice-chairman of association of Xiamen city flower, Xiamen Seed Association governing units, is committed to in the biological substrate and environmental remediation materials research, development, production, sales. At present, the company has formed three major series of nearly 30 kinds of products, involving biological substrate, environmental remediation, coir trade business of 3 big plate, widely used in the field of forestry, flowers, vegetables, environmental remediation, livestock breeding water pollution governance.

In Fuqing, with the first full automatic production line, the annual capacity of 100,000 cubic meters of mixture substrate, and is equipped with 11 light weighting substrate filling line, with an annual production capacity of 50,000,000 piece of biology seedling substrate, 10,000 tons of bio organic fertilizer, the annual production of 30,000 tons of coconut shell fiber, while also acting as a famous European brand peat moss. In the field of slope ecological management, the company has 10 sets of base material injection equipment group, 500,000 square meters of ecological management area..

Jiang Ping marketing.
At present, the company locates in Xiamen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing, Yunnan, Shandong, the establishment of storage and transportation center, has been established in the country to improve the sales network.

Jiang Ping products.
After 11 years of exploration, Jiang Ping now has formed to renewable resources raw materials as the core, a series of substrate products: Forestry seedling production, flower nursery substrate, flower cultivation medium, family horticultural substrate, vegetable seedling substrate, side slope greening spray sowing special-purpose substrate, pet mat material and bedding for livestock ecological farming, tobacco seedling substrate, edible mushroom special substrate.